Linn Ekos SE tonearm

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Linn Ekos SE – Flagship performance



Ekos SE sets a new performance benchmark. Advanced materials have been carefully selected for their sound performance and low resonance properties. These minimise interference, resonance and microphony, meaning you hear every note from your vinyl collection in the way it was meant to be heard.


The arm tube is machined from titanium to reduce resonance, while a stainless steel bearing housing ensures precision of movement.


Whether you are listening to the first track of the day or have been spinning records for hours, the ultra-low friction bearings and temperature-compensated precision-springs ensure exceptional performance from the Ekos SE tonearm is maintained.


Each Ekos SE tonearm is precision-engineered to last and is hand-built to the highest quality standard to ensure you can continue to enjoy your vinyl collection for decades to come.


The Ekos SE tonearm is the perfect partner for any cartridge. Specify either our flagship Ekstatik, or high-performance Kendo moving coil cartridge to achieve ultimate performance from your Sondek LP12.

44.200,- DKK



  • Machined titanium arm tube
  • Ultra-low friction bearings
  • Stainless steel bearing housing
  • Temperature-compensated springs
  • Long headshell accommodates almost any cartridge
  • Supplied with T-Kable (phono version)

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